coming home
Monday | 10:04 PM | 0 Said
Have you ever been in a place which full of monsters that you cant go anywhere you cant run but you have to face it by yourself? you have to fight to live?

I did, it hurts me. i dont know how to fight. that day, i was a statue that stay still. i let them hurt me. I did nothing. Im scared to do anything. so i cry. cry is the best way to make me feel calm.

when im back. i return to be someone who i used to be. happy. unfortunately, things doesnt change at all. cry isnt the best way to solve problems. and the monsters are back. but this time they brought knives in their hands. both hands! nah, they picked me. they stabbed me. repeat. again and again. im about to cry. but  i remembered that i have to fight. so i fight. i killed em. all of em! so relieved that finally i can run from that place. disgusting!!

i checked myself  so i started to look at my hands. they seem fine. but when i look at my legs, i saw blood. i was bleeding. and it came from my heart. i didnt know that my heart is hurting. i touched. hurts. lots of stretches. cant do anything. i sat on the wall. waiting for a help. no help. i saw open doors. i crawled. slowly. slowly till i reached em.

lots of people out there. they dont notice me. i shouted. no one is looking at me. i went near to one of them. i put my hand on him. i was invisible. he didnt know i was here. i looked at him. he reminds me one of those monsters. suddenly, he looked at me. smiles. like a joker. i was scared. it shouldnt happen again. i tried to run. but i cant. my heart still bleeding. its hard for me to make a move. i was hoping that someone could help me. first i thought, hoping on something to happen is useless. but this time not. theres a girl help me. she helped me run. also, she killed him! i watched he died. in front of me.

i took a deep breathe. close my eyes and open em. i took out my iPod. i scrolled for songs while listening to P.Diddy song "Im coming home". i was sitting on a bench. staring at people while holding a pen and a book. they are busy. i smiled. this is what we called life.